On the playground, your children will be safe while jumping and landing on Play-Safe, the new shock-absorbing play surface that bounces back. This springy base material is made of 100% chopped, cleaned, recycled, fiber-reinforced rubber tires and manufactured right in Joliet, IL.

Recycled Rubber Products has gone to great extents for the testing of rubber mulch for playgrounds and are pleased to report that Play-Safe ¾” and Premium Shredded 3” rubber mulch are ADA approved for wheelchair accessibility. All of our playground rubber mulches meet the ASTM critical fall standards, and have been coated with anti-microbial agents, giving a superb amount of protection for a safe, fun, playing experience for your children.

Below are the tests that were performed to approve Recycled Rubber Products playground rubber mulch for wheelchair accessibility as well as the ASTM critical fall heights test reports. We also suggest that you consult the Consumer Products Commission on safety guidelines. According to the Consumer Products Commission you need to have 12 inches of wood chips, mulch, sand or pea gravel under your playground equipment to prevent serious playground injuries. Alternatively, you only need 6 inches of safety-tested playground rubber mulch.

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