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       Recycled Rubber Products, Colored KinderMulch is "Going Green" by producing eco-friendly rubber mulch which saves trees and recycles used tires. This family owned and operated company since 1995 works together to create a safe-world environment by producing quality landscape and playground rubber products. The environment is cleaner because, in conjunction with Treadstone Tire Recycling,LLC we recycle unwanted and used tire chips.

       We at Recycled Rubber Products, LLC in Illinois take pride in the quality and workmanship of all our merchandise. In a continuing effort to achieve complete customer satisfaction, we invite you to explore our web site, request a sample, or come in person to see our KinderMulch and RhinoMulch rubber mulch products prior to making any final orders. Each and every selection in our sample product inventory is taken straight from the product assembly line ensuring an authentic and accurate representation of what you would receive in a given order.

KinderMulch 3/4" Rubber MulchKinderMulch 3/4" Rubber MulchKinderMulch 3/4” minus is an extremely cost-effective value and when used as recommended, will give exceptional protection and cushion to kids as they play and run around on the play equipment.
Premium KinderMulch 3/8" Rubber MulchPremium KinderMulch 3/8" Rubber MulchWhen used for playgrounds, Premium KinderMulch 3/8” will have the look of a classy, finished play area for kids. product gives a shiny, tailored, rock-like appearance. This product is perfect for those well-manicured landscapes.
Shredded 3" KinderMulchShredded 3" KinderMulchOur new, hottest product Shredded 3" KinderMulch rubber mulch looks just like normal wood mulch, only it will last for years. This non-biodegradable, non-toxic, eco-friendly rubber mulch will help retard annoying weed growth.
Equestra-Turf Rubber MulchEquestra-Turf Rubber MulchEquestra-Turf can be used in the horse arena. It is designed to reduce compacting and be a dust suppressant, reducing or even eliminating dust deterrent products.

       Your children on the playground will be safe while jumping and landing on KinderMulch, the new shock-absorbing play surface that is revolutionizing playgrounds across the country. This springy base material is made of chopped, cleaned, recycled, fiber-reinforced rubber tires! We are committed to customer satisfaction and take pride in the quality, and the durability of every bag of playground KinderMulch that we produce.

       Our coloring process is a perfect blend of UV protection, uniquely formulated binders and specialized pigments to help keep the colors lasting for years. All colors used are non-toxic, water-soluble based, and come from an iron-oxide pigment with a 10 year limited color warranty. At Recycled Rubber Products, LLC all of the Playground KinderMulch, and Premium KinderMulch rubber mulch is 99.9% metal-free, as well as our beautiful Shredded KinderMulch which looks just like wood mulch. In addition to our selection of children-oriented playground rubber mulch, we also offer our Landscape Rubber RhinoMulch Ground Cover which is 98% metal-free.